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V/A - Hefty 10 Digest and Prefuse 73 Mixtape / History Is Bunk Parts 1 - 2

V/A - Hefty 10 Digest and Prefuse 73 Mixtape / History Is Bunk Parts 1 - 2

Bleeps, electronic burps and flavoursome soundscapes are all present on Hefty’s 10 Digest, which celebrates a decade of releases from the label. Hot tracks include Telefon Tel Aviv’s boastful "My Week Beats Your Year" and Savath + Savalas’s heart melting "Folk Song For Cello". Hefty contributor Scott Herren presents his own vision of the label on his cluttered mixtape, which accompanies the Digest. On the "tape", Beneath Autumn Sky’s macabre jazz overhauling of Phil Ranelin’s "Black Destiny" features alongside Euphone’s stumbling guitared "New Dusk Policy". Flitting between the old and new, this engaging Chicago label’s "History Is Bunk" compilations feature exclusive cuts and cool remixes. The only problem is that it’s ever so easy to get lost in the dreaminess of it all. Volume one highlights come in the shape of Daedilus’s jittery smashup of Savath and Savalas’s "Paths In Soft Focus" and Victor Berman’s peaceful "Lonely Tired Dance". The second instalment includes Slicker’s brooding "Lucas (JLE Remix)" and Retina.It’s menacing "Anticamera Dei Dubbi". Hefty release downbeat, post hop and jaded guitar works for those who appreciate melody and like well-structured compositions.


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